Kino Kabaret International of Montreal 2016 invites you to challenge all of the rules that govern your creativity. Kino offers you a creative laboratory where everything is permitted; taboo subjects, untouchable characters, and prohibited cinematic genres - there is no censure, Kino will be your Salon des Refusés.

In order to truly know a society, one must not only look at the art that it has created, but one must also find the art that it has censured. Art in Quebec has a long tradition of singular  artists who have turned their noses up at the status quo: Plume Latraverse, Pierre Falardeau, Robert Morin, and Dave St-Pierre among others.


This year, we propose that you push back on societal limits just as many quebecois artists before you have done. In order to give some unity to each screening night, we propose four thematic ranges that will act as catalysts of your inspiration. The themes will be presented as a moodboard, a collage of images chosen to represent each theme. They will be available online several days before Kino Kabaret and we encourage you to use them to develop your project.

> Quebecois counterculture <

> Protest art <

> Our taboos <

> Our sexuality <

… but there is more to Kabaret than just seriousness! Kino Kabaret is also the time to gather together, have fun, drink, and create under a spontaneity that is unique to our movement. In addition to the moodboards, we have prepared a series of creative constraints that will be announced during opening night. You will first be invited to pick your “type” of constraint, and then instructed to pick at random a more specific parameter for your chosen constraint.

The idea is to get Kinoïte filmmakers to incorporate freedom of expression into their work, as has always been integral to the mission and activities of our organization. The objective is to help our members reflect on art and on their role as creator in a society where the definition of cinema is more and more controlled. All of this surrounded by a festive, spontaneous, and fun ambiance: three guiding principles that are intimately linked to the ideal Kino Kabaret experience.