Kino hosts a variety of activities that foster creativity and ingenuity in Quebec microcinema. Below you will find a description of each of Kino's main events. For more information about when these and other events are held, please click on the link below to the Kino calendar.


Monthly Screenings

Since 1999, for the first Friday of every month Kino organizes a screening of the films recently created by its members. The monthly screenings at Kino Montreal take place every first Friday of the month at the Rialto Theatre (5723 Avenue du Parc). The monthly screenings serve as a motivator and a catalyst for the artists.

Spectators are presented with a variety of short films produced with (or without) much financing. Comedy, drama, fantasy, documentary, art film, or any other variety- you'll find all kinds of films!

In a warm, cabaret, and francophone ambience, the directors and stars come to present their films in person. The audience can also meet and discuss with the film’s participants during intermission or after the show.

The monthly screenings are open to the public for a suggested contribution of $8.


Kino Kabaret

The Kabaret is a sort of timed filmmaking lab where directors, actors, musicians and other cinematic artisans gather and create short films. Every 48 hours, artists present their results to the public.  Kino Kabaret celebrates the reciprocal exchange, the sharing of knowledge and technical resources, and the enjoyment of its participants. It is an unforgettable experience for all- you have to see it to believe it!

The Kabarets take place in many regions around the world and are often, but not exclusively, part of an existing film festival such as the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma à Montréal. Several cells host Kino Kabarets such as Montreal, Quebec, Matane, Hull, Trouville (France), Hamburg (Germany), Adelaide (Australia).

As with the monthly screenings, Kabarets are open to the public with a voluntary contribution.

Montreal Kino Kabaret 2011 is going to take place from October 10th to 22nd.


The Kino'00 Annual Gala

The Kino'00 Annual Gala (Soirée Kino VIP), in addition to being Kino’00’s annual fundraising event, is a spectacular gala where upwards of 300 people from the film and television industries gather alongside Kino members. Along with a hors d'oeuvres reception, and a DJ playing at the event, the best of the new generation of artists are there to view dozens of works all presented by Kino. 

The date of the next Kino'00 Annual Gala in 2011 has not yet been determined.  If you want to receive updates about the event, please email us at


Atelier K

Atelier K is Kino’00’s assisted production project. In Atelier K six directors, and their teams, unite their efforts to each create a professional short film while taking advantage of the creative freedom and flexibility that microcinema offers. 

The term microcinema refers to all independent productions that have minimalist or even non-existant budgets. It deals with a self-produced cinema that exists on the fringes of large, "official" financial structures. With the arrival of digital video technology, and amateur film-making, the number of microcinema directors has exponentially exploded over the last ten years. Microcinema lends itself to experimenting,  producing works that are out of the norm, and to developing a larger pool of new talent. This type of unrestricted cinema also serves as an active force against the standardization of cultural contributions; a fertile ground that is cultivating he new wave of directors.

The first objective of the project is to offer a more elaborate and more driven creative experience than one of typical microcinema or of a Kino Kabaret. Contrary to a solo film or Kino Kabaret film, the Atelier K provides participants with assistance from screenwriting to screening.  Thanks to the public and private Kino partners, Kino's technical and human resources are fully available to the participants.

The directors chosen for Atelier K come from the ranks of Kino's most experienced members who aspire to careers in cinema Kino'00 would like for Atelier K to become an annual project that would attract other ambitious artists; a project that encourages excellence in microcinema, and that favours the development of an entire generation of directors.  Kino'00 hopes that with Atelier K it will be able to contribute in its own way to the diversity of cinematic creativity of Quebec. 


Planet Kino

Since its inception in 1999 in Montreal, the Kino movement has spread to the four corners of the Earth with more than 60 cells in 25 countries on four different continents.