Kino’00’s mission is to help new, talented filmmakers emerge and to support the production and promotion of professional artists' work already evolving within our organization. Kino’00’s mandate consists of:

  • Supporting and organizing the production of independent short films
  • Offering the best possible public exposure for our members’ creations through our integrated promotional structure (Public screenings, Web broadcasting, DVDs, In-festival promotion and our international network)
  • Stimulating collaborations between artists, producers, technical collaborators and actors within a solid international network
  • Developing and offering methods, tools and services to emerging filmmakers that will help them in their artistic work.

All of Kino’00’s activities aim at creating a culture of artistic excellence in movie-making as well as producing works that will contribute to Quebec’s rich media arts heritage.

Our motto is “Do well with nothing, do better with little, and do it now!”