Kino is open to all, but is geared in particular toward those pursuing serious artistic endeavours. From the apprentice to the established director, Kino welcomes all who desire to learn and create in an independent and spontaneous environment. Kino members are encouraged to explore all cinematic possibilities with an approach that stresses autonomy, resourcefulness, and versatility. Kino is a place of exploration where artists are encouraged to take risks, and to present their results to an audience. Kino encourages creativity in any language, nevertheless Kino events are currently hosted in French.

To register with Kino, you must:

  • Create your profile on our "espace membres"
  • Come to the monthly registration meeting that takes place the first Friday of the month at the 7:30 at the Rialto Theater where you will meet François Jacob, the artistic director who is in charge of registration. This is an obligatory meeting for those wanting to register at Kino Montreal.
  • Pay the registration fee of $60, which can be paid at the registration meeting. We accept cash or check.

Once these three steps have been met, you will receive a membership card allowing you all the benefits of being a Kino member.

If you are technician or actor, you also can create a profile on the "espace membres" and be in conctact with the rest of the Kino community. It's free!